Roadmap 2018/2019

At this point, Interrobang is an after-hours project. Given that time constraint, here's an overview of what I'd like to accomplish in the near future.


  • !bang lambdas
  • !bang aliases
  • !bang packages { packages: […] }


  • Notifications/New feature announcements
  • Improve OpenSearch setup explanation
  • Onboarding suggested !bangs

Account Management

  • Analytics opt-out


  • Reduce build and deploy time
  • Beta environment
    • CI/CD
    • DNS


Break the app down into the following micro services.

  • App
  • Proxy
  • Content
  • Styleguide / Style + Asset CDN

Technical Debt

  • Consolidate all route generation into isomorphic Route class
  • Make server-side and client-side code sibling directories
  • extract netlify-proxy into top-level GitLab repo
  • Offload CI/CD to version-controlled scripts


  • Add Get Help button to editor and all other screens (lower right)


  • Interrobang templates for targeted onboarding links
  • Branding
    • Visual Theme
    • Logo


  • Pricing
  • Subscriptions with Stripe


  • Content management
    • repository
    • CI/CD
    • runtime
  • Privacy Policy
  • Why OSS?
  • Pricing Policy
  • Blog
    • Backstory /about
    • This roadmap (so meta)
    • Changelogs

Hey there! I’m Caleb, an entrepreneur and the developer of Interrobang. I built Interrobang to help my fellow productivity nerds search the web more efficiently. I’m committed to making sure you love Interrobang! If there’s any way I can help, please email me directly at