Open Source Policy

Part of valuing your privacy is being appropriately transparent. Therefore the functional core of Interrobang is open source. Marketing, billing, and other operational concerns will likely remain proprietary. Learn more in our Privacy Policy.

This obviously means you can run Interrobang on your own server. I invite you to if you believe the ongoing effort required and infrastructure expenses on your part are less than the cost of a couple of adult-sized coffees each month.

If you prefer the self-hosted route, I completely understand. Please consider a modest one-time donation to compensate me for the effort involved in developing Interrobang.

If you prefer to have one less thing to worry about, please checkout our Pricing Policy and subscribe to the monthly or annual plan.

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Hey there! I’m Caleb, an entrepreneur and the developer of Interrobang. I built Interrobang to help my fellow productivity nerds search the web more efficiently. I’m committed to making sure you love Interrobang! If there’s any way I can help, please email me directly at