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Customizable, site-specific searches
directly from your browser's search input

What are !bangs?

Search on thousands of sites directly

Site-specific searches directly from your browser's search input, also known as search !bangs, are amazing!

Search for !amazon mechanical keyboard to find mechanical keyboards directly on

When your Interrobang has no custom search !bang defined, the catalog of over 10,000 DuckDuckGo community currated search !bangs is used.

Make !bangs your own...

Personalize the power of search

When DuckDuckGo's !bangs don't meet your needs, Interrobang lets you define site-specific searches...

  • Override the default !map bang to use OpenStreetMaps.
  • Add a custom !amazon/orders bang to search your orders

Keep using your favorite search engine

Do you prefer the personalized results of Google or the privacy policies of DuckDuckGo?

Or perhaps you’d rather use a different search engine all together…

When you don't start your search with a !bang, Interrobang will simply pass your query along to the search engine of your choice.

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